Gahan Wilson’s The Kid (2001)

I’m not particularly familiar with Gahan Wilson or his art, but having read up on his work, I know he does strive for bold and daring story work. “Gahan Wilson’s The Kid” is your run of the mill coming of age chronicle about a ten year old known as The Kid, who goes through three trials of growing up throughout the course of the film. The movie approaches mortality, sexuality, and good old fashioned mythology, and does so with an adult disposition. The film is courageous enough to depict little girls nude at one instance, after all. “The Kid” premiered on television in Halloween eve of 2001 mainly because the final segment revolves around Halloween.

That doesn’t make too much sense, since the movie as a whole is a pretty entertaining and raunchy film about The Kid and how blossoming in to an adult. I love the animation and its style that translates well for a broader audience, but can be pegged in to the adult humor and mature jokes that the movie opts for. It especially fits in with the often violent and crude humor that follows with the Kid exploring life in a world that’s sick and demented, but open to odd wonders. The second segment is perhaps the best, as The Kid and his friend venture to the local diner to ogle the busty leggy blonde waitress who jokes with them and is almost always aware of the looks she grabs from customers.

When local bully Bruno teaches the Kid and his friend how to undress women with their eyes, the kid and his friend realize they see nothing since they have no frame of reference for a naked woman. The segment makes creative use of sexuality as The Kid watches a distorted porn channel and can only see the waitress as a wavy series of lines, and once he finally does have a frame of reference, can only see her as a magazine centerfold. The segment takes an even funnier toll when The Kid can only see breasts.

You have to love the courage of the writers to include the final scene, alluding to so much and saying absolutely nothing. “The Kid” is that alternative kind of adult entertainment I assume was originally going to be a television show, but as a three part movie, it works as comedy, and twisted entertainment. I could have seen this gain mileage for at least four years, it’s too bad as of now it’s just a funny and rare television movie. I hope we get a release of this movie someday as it’s a pretty entertaining trio of short segments about Gahan Wilson’s character of The Kid, and how he approaches life. All things considered, it’s a great adult animated movie, and it’s one deserving of a respectable release somewhere down the road.