Jackie Chan Double Feature: Crime Story / The Protector [Blu-ray]

jackie-chan-double-featureCourtesy of Shout! Factory, fans of Jackie Chan will be able to get their hands on a double feature from the master of comedy kung-fu, and take hold of two of his notable features from Hong Kong and America. Mostly for Chan buffs, the “Jackie Chan Double Feature” is an interesting double package for bargain hunters alike. The weaker of the duo is 1985’s “The Protector.” Written and directed by James Glickenhaus, this American debut of Chan features Chan teaming with Danny Aiello as two NYPD officers that have to high tail it to Hong Kong.

When a kidnapping plot unfolds, Chan and Aiello snap in to action creating one of the most unconvincing cop pairings in cinema history. Granted, Aiello is a fine actor, but one that never quite keeps up with Chan. And for the duration of “The Protector,” there’s not much interesting action from Chan, a man that’s delivered so much more entertaining fare in the way of action and crop thrillers in the past. For this Blu-Ray, fans get Jackie Chan’s cut of “The Protector” with additional scenes and fights, all directed by Chan, along with the inclusion of subtitles.

For folks that want to see the uncut unedited version of Glickenhaus’ film, this is where you want to turn. Sadly, “The Protector” is just a bland Jackie Chan entry in to his library, and one that won’t stir his fan base any time soon. 1993’s “Crime Story” is an uneven balance of gun play and Jackie Chan’s martial arts, another troubled production featuring Chan who had a tiff with the director over the tone of the film. Fitting in his slapstick trademark martial arts comedy, “Crime Story” is a pretty uneven and utterly forgettable title in the Jackie Chan legacy, and one that only really hardcore Chan buffs will enjoy overall.

Among the features, there’s an interview with “Crime Story” director Kirk Wong, as well as deleted scenes from “Crime Story.” There’s also “From New York To Hong Kong” and interview With “Crime Story” director James Glickenhaus, a behind-The-Scenes Featurette and theatrical trailers for the films. Shout! releases a respectable double feature, and one strictly for Jackie Chan completionists and fans. “Crime Story” and “The Protector” are mainly mediocre Jackie Chan installments that don’t entirely re-think the action genre, but are worth the watch if only for Chan’s cut of “The Protector.”