Pac-Man: The Movie (2012)


It’s rare that fan films can present a premise for a simple concept that can be stretched in to a feature length film. It’s also rare that a fan film that can pay tribute to a beloved icon while also adding a creative twist to it that gives it a special flair that fans would love. “Pac-Man: The Movie” by James Farr changes the concept of Pac-Man while also adding a new flavor to it that works wonders. Pac-Man is, of course, the iconic video game from the eighties about a yellow disc eating pegs and avoiding various colored ghosts. What director Farr and Steelhouse Digital do is add a science fiction twist to it that’s not only incredibly entertaining but pretty damn brilliant.

The world is now being run by Maze technology which is a power grid that’s built like a neon blue labyrinth. With a mysterious series of malfunctions and power outages plaguing the system, the creators of the Maze grid have decided to convince the military and government that their system can work. In an effort to weed out the bugs, they send in their drone, a small yellow orb that when enhanced on their computers, transforms in to a speedy all consuming digital anti-virus, who rushes in, cleans the system, and battles the specters of the grid who stalk the Pac Man drone at every turn.

With a healthy pacing and a wonderful sense of adventure, “Pac-Man” really provides a fantastic throwback to the eighties with an incarnation of the famous yellow hero that evokes films like “Tron” and “War Games.” Steelhouse Digital really presents audiences with an incredible CGI spectacle that breaths life in to the world of Pac-Man, giving him a purpose, a back story, and a series of supporting characters I wanted to see more from. This is yet another stellar fan service worthy of a following. Though studios may or may not create a Pac-Man big budget film someday, Director James Farr’s treatment of the iconic video game character is a wonderful template upon which to build a narrative. I really hope we see more from this creation and from the crew behind this excellent fan film in the future.