Fright Fest: 12 Movies (DVD)

From Mill Creek Entertainment comes almost eighteen hours of movies that vary in quality but are guaranteed to entertain you and keep you in your seat all Halloween day. Featured in this set are twelve movies, all of which are some films I myself have been trying to acquire for years. For fans looking to purchase this DVD and see what they’re in for, here is what you’ll be getting:

From 1998 comes Devil in the Flesh a respectable and memorable “Fatal Attraction” clone starring the gorgeous Rose McGowan as the alluring but dangerous Debbie Strand who sets her sights on the handsome teacher of her new high school and seduces him in to a web of black mail and deception that ends with a slew of dead bodies unfortunate enough to cross her path.

The film itself is a small cult classic and that’s mainly due to McGowan who is as sexy as she’s ever been in this film. From 2000, there’s Devil in the Flesh 2, the straight to video sequel to the McGowan thriller. Filling in for McGowan is the equally sexy Jodi Lyn O’Keefe who plays the devilish Jodi Strong. After escaping from the mental ward, she murders a college student and assumes their identity, infiltrating the local college and sets her sight on her writing teacher Sam, who seduces and entices, while murdering local sorority girls who threaten her in various ways.

O’Keefe is memorable and still really sexy in the role of Strong for a film that’s a solid follow-up to the original. There’s also 2008’s Diary of a Serial Killer, as well as 2006’s respectable religion based horror indie Evil Behind You. There’s the horror classic The Fear 2 about a Halloween party tainted by an ancient Native American who has sadistic plans with a mannequin named Morty. Clint Howard stars in the demented 1995 horror comedy Ice Cream Man about a psychotic ice cream man who derives pleasure from mutilating helpless people and mixing them in his cold treats, 2000’s Jack Frost 2 where Jack visits his old nemesis Sheriff Sam at a Caribbean Island prepared to put him on ice, the 1998 Priscilla Barnes vehicle Killing Grounds about a group of people fighting over gold unprepared for the consequences.

There’s 2005’s Naina about a blind girl who is given the gift of sight and so much more, 2006’s Night Feeders sets down on four deer hunters who face alien creatures from outer space, there’s the highly acclaimed 2006 indie The Other Side about a man sent to hell anxious to re-unite with his girlfriend. When he returns from the realm of the damned, he must now evade three supernatural bounty hunters named “The Reapers” who must bring him back to hell. Finally, there’s the 1996 Xander Berkeley starring Within the Rock, a TV movie about a group of miners sent to stop an off course moon about to hit Earth but come across a creature among its surface!

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