Rocco (2011)

403138_319144774800317_7986I’m assuming “Rocco” is open to interpretation for audiences everywhere as it’s a particularly twisted and demented short film about an imaginary friend and a man that may or may not be psychotic. Much of the film is incredibly muddled and not very explanatory, so I’m essentially left to figure out for myself what, if anything, the plot is alluding toward. After a series of deaths involving his old friends from his home town, a man is greeted with a box at his door. Of course logic tells us that he should open it to see what’s in it, and he does.

What he finds is the re-incarnation of his old imaginary friend Grumpus Q. who invades his house and engages in a battle to the death with the young man. I’m assuming the imaginary friend has been making the rounds murdering just about anyone connected to his old master, and he’s intent on finishing the job with his old friend. With a genuine muppet on display as the film’s central villain and monster, the film is very well edited to feature the young man engaging in a violent fight with the blue furry muppet who is somehow intent on rejoining his old master before his death.

The film plays out on an ambiguous final scene that leaves me scratching my head in confusion, but for the most part “Rocco” is a twisted experimental horror short with some ace muppeteering on the part of Nathan Danforth. Just don’t expect it to make too much sense. While the plot as a whole leaves much to be desired in the way of clarity, “Rocco” is a competent and entertaining short film with an interesting premise and a rather unique villain. With a larger format, I imagine this could have been much more coherent.