Justice Woman

jwThe new superhero web series entitled “Justice Woman” is an episodic adventure that’s less “Elektra” meets Lois Lane, and more Carrie Bradshaw if she decided to don a costume and investigate crimes in her city. “Justice Woman” is definitely a web series for the martini drinking, “The View” watching audience. That’s by no means meant to be a disparaging commentary on the series, but “Justice Woman” is definitely aiming for a niche audience, and I’m sadly not it.

I went in to “Justice Woman” almost expecting a hispanic heroine who would be kicking insane amounts of ass and provide some kink to her crime fighting, and instead was given a more comedic angle on the superhero persona with main character Sofia Escala donning her costume to investigate a crooked politician ruining her city. It’s much more a comedy thriller with a superhero angle than an actual superhero web series. While it has its charms, it’s suited for a more particular audience, hence the reason she has a cross dressing sidekick named Cockboy. Thankfully none of the series is exploitative or played for cheap laughs, as most of the production is tight and well put together, with the entire cast delivering solid performances. Vanessa Verduga is the key to the series and is handed the most important aspect of the show: keeping it afloat.

The show simply can not function without the spunky law abiding Sofia Escala, and actress Vanessa Verduga provides a boldness and sex appeal that’s hard to resist. She can wear her costume with wonderful results, and she has a charisma that is just charming and alluring. The character of Sofia is reminiscent of Veronica Mars and Lois Lane, a woman with an idealism she’s trying to uphold and will stop at nothing to make sure her home remains untainted. It also helps she’s Hispanic, which is a nice change of pace for once. The series is mainly meant to be tongue in cheek, so fan boys or fan girls looking for something dramatic and gritty will be disappointed. Even with the right audience, the show does have some major flaws it needs to get past. Particularly the supporting cast who can never seem to deliver respectable performances, and the evident plot holes of the story.

How did Sofia make her costume? What was the catalyst for putting on a costume and fighting crime? Why is she trying to remain discreet by wearing a costume comprised of bright purple and pink? Why is she wearing a mask if none of the criminals know who she is? Does she still need glasses in the guise of Justice Woman? What purpose does her cross dressing sidekick provide? “Justice Woman” definitely has its eye out for a specific audience and once it finds its footing narrative wise, and fixes all the rough spots with supporting performances and weak supporting characters, it may just be a strong web series intended for alternative audiences. If star Vanessa Verduga stays front and center, I may keep watching.

To watch this series, a new season airs the 4th of every month!

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