Kiddy Kiddy Bang Bang (2012)

Dick Jane’s short film is obviously just a prologue to further adventures of its two heroines. It’s either going to be the first in a series of short films, or “Kiddy Kiddy Bang Bang” is a pitch for a feature film in the making. If Dick Jane gets it off the ground, I can imagine Troma being more than willing to scoop this up and make this in to a cult classic. As a short film it’s exploitative, ridiculous, far-fetched, and the entire story just makes no damn sense. I also snickered at the dedication to sexual abuse victims in the final scene.

I honestly don’t picture this being played at centers for domestic abuse any time soon. Basically from what I can gather, twin girls Devin and Riley Werder play two rogue assassin girls who make their business avenging sexual abuse victims. Wielding their own phallic symbols (which they kiss and blow on in the opening credits), they are agents for hire, tracking down accused pedophiles and instilling their own personal justice. The acting is the biggest downfall of Dick Jane’s production, as the performances are all truly stilted and wooden, especially with the Werders who are dressed to present the irony of the story well (cute girls killing pedophiles, yes, I get it) but never quite sell the absurdity of the situation.

“Kiddy Kiddy Bang Bang” is basically them getting down and gory on the pedo sucker, and in the end, they come out clear of conscience with a job well done. The “To Be Continued…” signals there’s more to this story, and I can only imagine what Dick Jane will accomplish when an eight minute short is this outlandish and silly. “Kiddy Kiddy Bang Bang” could be the seeds planted for a trashtastic cult classic I picture many a movie distributors fiending for because its content is just so over the top, its audience will gobble it up with a spoon. Save for the wooden performances, Dick Jane just may have something here for fans of trash and exploitation cinema.