Yarasa adam – Bedmen (Turkish Batman & Robin) (1973)

turkishbatman19For readers unaware, the Turkish film industry has a long and hilarious history of taking Hollywood films and remaking them sans copyrights and approval from creators. Cult film lovers know of Turkish films and their many knock offs but to see them for yourself is an experience. The Turkish film industry has created their own low budget versions of films like “Superman,” “Star Wars,” “The Exorcist,” “The Wizard of Oz,” “ET,” and of course “Batman.” These films can only be found by bootleg dealers and online sources as they’re so illegal and ripe with potential for lawsuits, the chances of seeing deluxe editions is laughable.

These films however strike a niche audience who enjoy seeing what Turkish directors are capable of with low budgets and no restraint for lifting elements of better films for their own products often filled with stories unusually convoluted and hard to follow. “Turkish Batman” is about as nonsensical and ridiculous as most of their films and is mostly a film that’s up for discussion thanks to its lack of subtitles. From what I gather there’s a crime syndicate getting their rocks off of finding gorgeous women and murdering them. And for some reason Batman and Robin make it their mission to track down the syndicate and stop them before they murder one of their own gorgeous servants. I assume.

As with all of Turkish cinema, there are various moments that will leave viewers confused and absolutely puzzled. The director places a lot of emphasis on sexuality in this film zeroing in on the stripping women for large portions of the story and lingering on their naked bodies. There’s an odd scene of Batman and Robin having a Greco Roman Wrestling match in the middle of their living room in costume. And they’re never above theatrical flips and tumbles, even when confronting vicious criminals. To add to the confusion Batman even makes out with a naked victim after he and Robin save her from the murderous gang.

Which is not surprising when the rest of the film establishes Batman and Robin as lovers of the erotic who dwell in dark strip clubs for fun and pick up random women to sleep with them. It doesn’t help that the score sounds like a theme to a bargain basement porn. “Turkish Batman” is a cinematic oddity and one that warrants a viewing if only to see a rare Bruce Wayne who is an absolute horn dog and is never above ravaging women when he’s not jumping around in his Bat costume.  The Turkish really do know how to create oddities out of typically run of the mill Western icons and characters, and “Turkish Batman” is no exception. It manages to be a dark crime thriller and a soft core porno at the same time while contributing to the notion that Batman gets sexual thrills by wearing his costume.