Alvin and the Chipmunks: Batmunk (2012)

Batmunk-3Based on the research I’ve done, “Batmunk” is being packaged as a one hour special featuring Alvin and the Chipmunks re-telling the story of Batman. Clearly it’s to market off of the upcoming Batman film release and the fan base may not be any the wiser. Basically, “Batmunk” is an hour long re-packaged set of Chipmunks cartoons, one of which is Batmunk and the other is Treasure Island. With no original title cards or theme songs, the cartoon segments are presented in disconnected formats with Batmunk being the first of the stories.

Leading in, Batmunk is basically just a reworking of Tim Burton’s Batman, so I assume these segments are at least twenty years old. Batmunk is a fantasy animated segment with the chipmunks as they recollect Theodore’s favorite movie. Alvin loves the villains, Simon loves the heroes, and Theodore just worships superheroes in general. So in this fantasy Simon is Brice Wayne, a toy inventor and philanthropist who comes under attack from the Clown as played by Alvin. Theodore is Simon’s trusty butler Happy who longs to be a superhero and of course manages to prove himself by the end of the animated segment. “Batmunk” will have clear nostalgic value for anyone who grew up watching Alvin and Chipmunks, and the featured segment does have some of the trademarks of the eighties revival.

During the opening chase scene there’s a Chipmunk rendition of Kenny Loggins’ “Highway to the Danger Zone.” Generally it’s a typical and entertaining version of the Batman tale with the Chipmunks playing their respective roles. Just don’t buy this expecting a ninety minute version of Christian Bale’s Batman as depicted by Alvin, Simon, and Theodore. The second segment “Treasure Island” is a fun one as well with the Chipmunks breaking their television and having to resort to their imagination to get them through a rainy day. In comes David with a book to help them wile the day away with adventure. Those were the days. If you’re willing to re-visit some early Chipmunks adventures, than “Batmunk” is surely for you, but be warned it’s a re-packaged set and nothing more. However, it does work wonders in bringing viewers back to a time where imagination was everything for kids.