The Old Chair (2012)

oldchairIt’s fantastic what some filmmakers can do when they’re given only a certain amount of time. I’ve seen short films literally crash and burn under the weight of their time restraint, while some just end without much of an explanation. Director Drew Daywalt however manages to squeeze in a back story, exposition, a full narrative and horrifying scares in a little under five minutes, and god help me, “The Old Chair” works as a horror film.

Thankfully it’s not a very extensive film because a premise like this is basically suitable for a short film and nothing more. Daywalt doesn’t try to stretch out the story and simply relies on the short time to get the job done and move on with our lives. The premise for “The Old Chair” is simple and short. A young girl finds an ad in online for an old chair that a man is selling used. Moving in to her new apartment the young girl takes advantage of the bargain and buys it from him, infatuated by its design. Before we know it, the screws begin to turn in the story and the terror begins for not only the character but for the audience.

To say I was a little spooked by the overall concept of the film is an understatement. The make up by Jeff Farley and Melissa Anchondo is fantastic and absolutely unnerving, and makes for a great jump scare that will leave audiences reeling in disbelief. The final moments of the film are rather excellent, topping off a wonderful horror yarn that will linger on for days. Short, sweet, and to the point, there isn’t a chink in the armor. Director Drew Daywalt constructs a near perfect horror yarn that’s creepy, eerie, and rather creative. I suggest looking for it if you’re in the market for a quick creep.