I Spyders (2012)

425234Preparing to go in to festivals soon enough, I was able to get a hold of “I Spyders” through online means and I’m glad that I did. “I Spyders” is quite possibly one of the most skin crawling and yet unabashedly demented short films you’ll see in a while. This is one of the few short films that manages to have a spider wrangler on set, and when they can acquire an actual wrangler, you know the director is at least trying hard to get his point across. That’s called effort, filmmakers. That’s the word for this review. “I Spyders” isn’t so much a horror movie in the traditional sense, but its premise is very much horrific. Especially for anyone who is an avid arachnophobe.

I’m not, but I found my skin crawling through much of what proceeds and found myself gagging because the plot is very likely to happen with shoddy customs and whatnot. A local office that sells… something, is downsizing its staff of three, and the boss Dave is very nonchalantly revealing to his two staff members that he’s cutting their jobs once their contracts expire in the month. As a consolation prize, he offers up his prize grapes to worker John and in the middle of the night the stray spider lurking within the bunch crawls in to John’s ear laying eggs.

“I Spyders” offers up the theory that perhaps what happens in the middle of the night may not be what’s happening to poor John, as he returns to work with a tick in his ear and a definite bit of psychosis that he manages to carry through many episodes where he confronts boss Dave’s passive aggression. Through this time John experiences a metamorphosis that guides him through a day to day mental breakdown and inevitably comedic finale that perhaps features him grasping his mental instability.

The finale is just about as demented and utterly mind blowing as I expected as director William Allison leaves nothing to the imagination, answering our questions about the spiders, and where they all went in poor John. With strong performances bordering on brilliant, “I Spyders” ends on a sick, truly stomach turning note, and I loved it. Very good performances carry a truly sick and disturbed short horror comedy that will tickle the fancy of anyone truly horrified of spiders and make them re-consider falling in to a deep sleep with fruit nearby. Look for this in local festivals and be in awe at its sheer ballsy climax.