Thirsty (2009)

thirstyDeep down I know I shouldn’t have enjoyed “Thirsty” so much and that’s mainly because the premise is so simplistic and absurd that it’s tough to take seriously at all. But that’s the intent behind “Thirsty.” It’s a free for all of absurd comedy and dark fantasy that keeps viewers entertained all the way through. And as a short film it knows when to stop the joke and thankfully the screenwriters know when to quit while they’re ahead. Joe Lynch plays the hopelessly over the top protagonist Joe, a young man on the road during a heat wave who manages to get on the bad side of a gas station attendant when he mouths off to him.

Little does he know that he’s thirsty and the only thing that can quench his thirst is the exact cherry slushee that was at the gas station. Now driving around looking for a substitute for his desperate thirst, he indulges himself in some pot and hopeless delusions as temptation draws near. This allows director Kasch to go bat shit insane with the film as Joe engages in fantasy sequences involving voices on the radio, alien beings from outer space, and a gorgeous Cherry slushee spokes model who desperately tempts him to drink the slushee.

“Thirsty” is a dark horror comedy always on the run with new jokes and sight gags and I appreciated it for that very fact. Joe gets in to all sorts of misadventures within the fifteen minute run time and the climax ends on a typically sick note that makes this film a genre offer clearly steeped in the demented humor category. While it’s no masterpiece, it’s a definite mind fuck gag a minute comedy that will give audiences the giggles. With some neat cameos, hilarious sight gags, and fine pacing, “Thirsty” is a fifteen minute long bout of sick dark humor that knows when to call it quits and for that it’s a welcome entry to the short horror genre.