Young Justice: Season One, Volume One (DVD)

After the success that was “Teen Titans,” it was only a matter of time until the Cartoon Network in America decided to re-tap the well that provided them with top ratings and dive in to a famous title from the comic world. This time around, Warner has tackled the “Young Justice” brand, a title about the second tier young cohorts of DC Comics titan elite and their efforts to prove themselves to their elders. This time providing a sterner tone and more defined animation styles, “Young Justice” is a definite contender for breakout series of the DC label.

This is primarily because while the series has its basic flaws, “Young Justice” accomplishes that “Teen Titans” so confidently strived in being and dodges what “Legion of Super Heroes” failed in providing audiences. Both of which was a teen oriented science fiction epic that offered well rounded and complex characters. “Young Justice” is thankfully not about the anime trappings, but gladly surrounds the sharp animation from DC Entertainment that fuels what is a tale about the under dogs trying to prove they can save the world without their elder league members, all of whom watch over them with a keen eye and harsh scrutiny.

With the voices of folks like Bruce Greenwood, Alan Tudyk and Nolan North, “Young Justice” is an engrossing and very exciting look at the B team doing what they do best. Led by Superman Prime (aka Superboy), a clone of the original Superman, they take on the enemies that the Justice League often can’t and won’t and “Young Justice” comes full circle after the pilot movie where the team finds a bond as sidekicks trying to become true heroes in the process of learning the art of crime fighting and thwarting ultimate evil. Unlike “Teen Titans” where guest spots were hinted, “Young Justice” features some glorious guest spots from the DC titans including Superman and Batman.

And they’re mentored by folks like Martian Manhunter and Black Canary, both of whom always have a lesson for their young team at the end of every episode. The struggles are always tough and the journey to ultimate heroism isn’t one learned within the confines of one episode, providing an epic episodic adventure series that succeeds in being deep and very strongly performed while fun and exciting for its target teen audience. I wish that DC and Warner would have released a complete season set for the series to get a better view of what this show has to offer fans of the title, but alas, this DVD will have to do for fans of the show.