Vintage Erotica Anno 1960 (DVD)

vintageeroticaWith the release of “Vintage Erotica Anno 1960,” Cult Epics unleashes twelve underground 16mm short porn films that not only show the free wheeling fun loving of the early sixties but the evolution of the porno film before our very eyes. As the smut and taboo material of threesomes and orgies became ever more frequent in the underground smut circuit, we saw the beginnings of the classic porn formula where it was less about voyeurism and teasing the audience as it was about rough hardcore sex.

In the forties the mere display of women undressing was cause for arousal, but with the new footage there is so much more to be done as scenarios are written to include certain sexual situations that would become a trademark in porn films. Also, with the further acceptance of pornography and erotica cam better production qualities as we see much more footage out doors and much more performers willing to show their faces on camera. But the only caveat is that most of the performers here are much more natural. So while we did have some rough sex, there is also some shaggy porn performers. Women displayed obvious tans and sags, while men were less muscle bound, and a lot more lumpy and balding. One performer is outright tubby with a blatant comb over.

Two women however continue to indulge in a threesome with two black masks on while their male counterpart interrupts their fondling session with a mask of his own that covers most of his face. “Vintage Erotica anno 1960” is a remarkable collection of erotic shorts that further explore the evolution of porn filmmaking in its most raw and unadulterated and Cult Epics offers up a worthy collector’s edition for fans of the medium. Among the special features there is a gallery of restored stills from the erotic shorts, and a nine minute bonus feature from 1940 that’s about as hardcore as the shorts in the 1960’s. Further exploring the evolution of the pornographic and erotica medium, Cult Epics’ DVD releases chronicling the taboo art form in to the acceptance by the mainstream are engrossing and startling in their establishing of the classic porn tropes while also revealing raw sexuality in its finest.