Voiceovers: Everything You Need to Know About How to Make Money With Your Voice [Paperback]

VoiceoversTerri Apple’s non-fiction guide to the art of voice over is one of the most surprising books I’ve read all year. Even as someone who can respect the art of the voice over and the respect voice actors lack in their profession, it was pretty shocking to see the struggle it takes to read through one disclaimer. Author Terri Apple makes the wise decision of including exercises with the end of every chapter allowing the reader an almost classroom-like vibe with their read, and with the hefty “Voiceovers” you’ll find yourself mastering the art of voice overs in no time.

“Voice Overs” is a text book that deserves to be in every acting class, a quintessential compendium about the art of voice work that will provide wonderful access to anyone seeking performance art as a career. Because voice and command is everything and there aren’t any other people in the world who can command an audience like voice actors. One of my favorite chapters includes the reading of the disclaimer that challenges you to read through an entire car disclaimer within ten seconds without fumbling and then spreads out a plethora of different ailments and drawbacks to a job for any voice actor. What if you fumble your words? What if you spit in the Mike? What if pound your P’s?

And hell, what if your legs begin to fall asleep? Every single element within a room and within the actor can pull back a potentially excellent performance for an important job, and author Apple takes every possibility in to mind from page one. “Voice Overs” is an engrossing read dabbling in the world of the voice over, exploring various jobs for the voice over artist, and even expressing variations tones in voices from the Energizer Bunny to the Cheerleader, creating your Demo CD and booking your agent, all of which are essential to the world of the voice over artist and garnering that one job that will make you a clear cut professional in a very talent heavy field.

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