Aliens, Abductions & Extraordinary Sightings: A Paranormal Documentary Collection (DVD)

“There’s twelve hours of this?” I asked myself while watching what I can only assume are a series of completely disconnected featurettes and “documentaries” about UFO’s and abductions, all of which are about as half baked as I expected them to be.

When I put these DVD’s in my player, I almost expected documentaries in the vein of the 90’s television show “Sightings,” but in reality this is just a compilation of various documentaries and television specials that discuss UFO’s and don’t really try to decipher anything regarding the anomaly of UFOlogy. Unless you’re a die hard fan of this sort of phenomenon and want to soak in twelve hours of documentaries and specials, there really won’t be much to lure audiences in, in the end.

I used to be a hardcore UFO nut when I was a preteen and looked up about as much information on the paranoia as possible, but the fact remains that about 98 percent of the alleged cases and mysteries that are discussed here can be explained with mere logic and photoshop analysis. One of the scientists even admits as much. But he then backtracks and explains that there are a small number of cases never explained. And those that can not be explained, aren’t automatically alien visitors by default. The first DVD in the set is basically a lecture of a renowned scientist in front of a crowd looking at photos he’s taken for hours and then gazing in awe at them.

Disc Two is primarily about sightings and UFO pictures, where two “specialists” sit and discuss candid UFO pictures, all the while showing off computer animated diagrams of possible UFO theories and physics. While normally I despise sensationalism, I think some of it would have gone a long way here. However on rare occasions there are some discussions that warrant heavy debate, such as the topic of the Phoenix Lights, one of the most harrowing and shocking accounts of a UFO in American history that has yet to be explained to this day. Mill Creek Entertainment’s “Aliens, Abductions & Extraordinary Sightings” will not prove to be much of a startling example of UFO discussion, but if you fancy yourself the buff behind this sort of topic, then this six disc twelve hour set may just be for you.