Endhiran/The Robot (2010)

endhiran-robotIn its homeland it’s a blockbuster film and one that took years to develop to inevitably become “The Robot” or “Enhiran.” It’s garnered some rave reviews from Bollywood critics and has even scored something of a fanbase. But “The Robot” hasn’t caught on until a few years subsequent its initial release due to the internet’s capability of bringing to attention a movie very few have been aware of. Thanks to one person’s capturing of “Endhiran’s” most dazzling and over the top action sequence, this is a science fiction Bollywood film many have sought after its sensation as a web clip.

“Enhiran” as a whole is over two hours and one of the more creative science fiction films about a robot that forms a love for a woman and decides it’s time to turn against his creator who is competing for her love with him. Chitti is a new android and a revolution of Dr. Vaseegaran’s work after almost a decade of progress. Now becoming a sensation of the scientific and technological world, Chitti bonds with his human hosts engaging in human activities he’s not aware of including driving, eating, and battling with ne’er do wells who threaten the life of the gorgeous Sana.

Chitti is of course just a robot but his capability for good is immense, especially when he’s called upon to fight crime during key moments where director Shankar manages to display an amazing flair for some of the most unusual action scenes I’ve seen in years. There really is no limit to what Shankar invokes with the character of Chitti and when the robotic hero is called in to action, he shows a potential to be an avenger. Especially in one scene where Sana is threatened by a gang of thugs on a train cart. Chitti snaps in to action by her pleas and engages in a pretty damn incredible mob fight on a moving train where Chitti slides along an electrified railing, runs along the side of a train and jumps in to the mob battling them from all sides with a staff and even contorts his limbs to inflict bodily harm upon them.

After accidentally killing a little girl during a massive fire, Chitti’s use and grasping of humanity is called in to question and Dr. Vaseegaran is ordered to instill some sense of emotion in to the robot or de-activate him. Unfortunately Chitti’s mechanism works too well and he forms a passion for the gorgeous Sana (Aishwarya Rai is about as beautiful as ever) that corrupts him and turns him in to a vicious villain at the behest of the jealous Dr. Ghora who implements Chitti for his own underhanded deeds. The ability of envy and hatred turns Chitti in to a monster who goes on a rampage in the climactic final half where Shankar displays even more skill with off the wall and unique action scenes.

Chitti magnetizes the environment around him, surfs on the body of a hapless officer acquires a slew of firearms that he sets off at one time, and there really is no limit to what Shankar is capable of working up in his mind when the action is concerned. I’m in no way shape or form a Bollywood fan, but “Endhiran” is far too creative and imaginative to be passed over by discriminatory viewers turned off by the massive musical numbers. Bollywood simply isn’t my cup of tea, but “Enhiran” is a surefire science fiction gem that many fans of the genre owe to themselves to watch and get experimental with. The concept opens the doors for the director to provide a limitless and off the wall series of action scenes, and they offer up pleasing entertainment I had an undeniable ball with. And you can’t argue with the beauty that is Aishwarya Rai.