Malice in LaLaLand (2010)

Lew Xypher’s porn “Malice in LaLaLand” is a wildly visual and unique porn flick that takes the entire Alice in Wonderland tale to a whole new level. Sure, it’s basically a fuck flick, but it’s also a very original and surreal trip in to the psyche of a young girl named Malice who is locked in an insane asylum and through her sub-conscious manages to travel in to LaLaLand where she confronts unreal monsters, wild creatures, and hot women all of whom inhabit this world. What’s interesting is that this world Malice travels may or may not be in all in her head, and she manages to escape the confines of her asylum with the help of a mysterious rabbit that breaks her free and helps her find the rabbit hole that brings her in to this journey of the mind.

Filled with rather incredible animated sequences (reminiscent of Bakshi’s best), Malice goes on a fun filled and interesting mission to find the mysteries of LaLaLand and perhaps unravel her mind. Based on the books “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass,” Sasha Grey is a woman constantly dabbling from hardcore porn to mainstream fare starring in fantastic dramatic fare like “The Girlfriend Experience” one day and making a Star Trek porn the next, and she’s the perfect star for this fantasy porno where she is incredibly sexy but fascinating enough to deliver a character that should be erratic and unhinged. Xypher’s direction is really fantastic as Malice manages to evade the cronies of the asylum dropping in to a pipe that takes her on her trip through the sexual dimension of LaLaLand, and on her tail is the evil Queenie (the gorgeous Andy San Dimas), the head of the hospital with a knack for playing cards who has a real bone to pick with Malice.

Queenie of course has her own play land that consists of leather bound men with mouse masks she blows for the hell of it, and takes time to engage in orgies with her assistants on the side as her evil henchman watches in awe. Meanwhile Malice is being led on foot by the mysterious rabbit who takes her in to his home and dresses her in her trademark Alice garb travailing the desert roads and dodging Queenie’s assistant Jabbowski who is desperately trying to bring her back to the asylum. There are also subtle representations of the iconic characters (for added effect) including Kagney Linn Karter with Alan Stafford as the husband and wife resident of the land obviously representing Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. And Malice even meets the Mad Hatter who bears a striking resemblance to Slash who leads her in to her very own tea party.

There’s even a nice reference made to Hunter S. Thompson as Keni Styles plays the Thompson-esque character Chester with the white bowl hat, floral shirt, and tinted shades. And yes, he manages to entice her in to her trademark dress, wears a huge cat head, and gets a good rogering in with her. Xypher’s film is much more than porno in spite of its requisite hardcore scenes of reverse cowgirl, frontal, and the shots of Sasha Grey in the buff for most of her time in LaLaLand, but it’s also very entertaining and works as a sexual twist on Lewis Carroll’s books while also flexing his prowess as a film director and it’s a fun inventive fantasy porno with hot women, some genuine laughs, and a great guest spot by Ron Jeremy.

Furthermore Grey is gorgeous and seductive as Malice taking pride in her sexual escapades in this new world there’s a great girl on girl on girl segment), and eventually confronting Queenie in a climax that is a dazzling cipher that will leave audiences guessing and awaiting the sequel. How can you go wrong with a hardcore threesome set to hard rock that features a hot girl with an overgrown bunny head, and Chester with an overgrown cat head? You can’t. “Malice in LaLaLand” is hot enough for the porn crowd, but provides some truly top notch production qualities and direction that helps this stand above its predecessors and imitators. Plus, Sasha Grey always gets my time.