Our 10 Favorite Super Mario Weapons

fire_mario1. Fireball – This is the original weapon that allowed you an even hand at the villains and their array of armory and tricks and could shoot down about 98 percent of the enemies on-screen. Before any of the sequels, getting the Fire Flower was the biggest goal in Mario World, and once you became white, you could basically become Ryu by firing down anything in your path and it was an ace in the hole.

2. SUPER Super Mario – Super Mario’s yellow cape was a bit of a cheat device for the game since it made playing the game mostly easy, but it’s one of the coolest weapons. While originally touted as the big attraction for Super Mario World on SNES, it was kind of tricky getting it. After a certain stage, you’d have to hit a flying reptile with the actual cape and steal the cape feather when it drifted in the air. You then became Super Mario.

3. Frog Mario – The Frog Mario was better than the shell mario because it had better control under water. Though easily lost when hit by an enemy, being given the Frog suit would allow you swift and sharp control under water away from enemies as well as speedy swimming. Concurrently if you were on land you had a chance to make a quick getaway with the Frog’s ability to hop away quickly.

4. Yoshi – Yoshi was a character that you couldn’t help but love. He was fast, he was cute, he could eat literally anything on-screen and based on the shells he ate, he could fire back something fierce from his mouth at the bad guys. Yoshi teamed with the super cape on Mario was bad ass enough, but with the right colored Yoshi in the later levels and the cape? Infinite power over all elements of the games and levels.

5. Tanooki Suit – While Raccoon Mario is great and all, the Tannoki suit grants the same powers, but with the addition of turning in to a statue. That’s just harsh. Now you couldn’t move in statue form, but you could still turn in to a statue and avoid any and all oncoming attacks. You also looked cute in the Tanooki suit. Awww!

6. Star Mario – The be all and end all of Super Mario weapons before the pile on in the sequels, this was a small window allowing invincibility and for a brief moment, The Mario World was our bitch. Grabbing the star allowed you to blink and you could run right through an enemy horde killing them without dying, but use it wisely or you could die at any moment.

7. Hammer Mario – The Hammer enemies in the games were tough to get to, this suit allows you to become one of the hammer men giving you the chance to throw hammers at villains and gain the upper hand with armor of your very own. But like all of the good prizes, this was easily lost.

8. Mushroom – Small Mario eat mushroom, become Big Mario. Simple but useful. For anyone playing Mario World at the time, this was something of beauty. Small mini-Mario became regular sized Mario being granted an even hand at the bad guys. Again… simple but… genius.

9. Mega Mushroom – Mini-Mario eat Mushroom and become Regular Mario, Regular Mario eat gigantic mushroom and become Gigante Mario and stomps all. Harsh. The problem with this prize is that it goes away much too quickly, but when you become King Kong Mario with this large mushroom, nothing can stand in your way… except for small spaces.

10. Warp Whistle – Every self-respecting child of NES knows the six magical chords that grant you access to warp zones allowing you to speed through Super Mario 3. It’s a weapon that allows supreme dominance, and shall not be used haphazardly.