Favorite "Attack of the Show" Co-Hosts from Best to Worst

G4 has seen its share of bad days in the past few years. They nearly went broke, their attempts to appeal to the gamers have failed immensely, they lost a lot of their banner talent to other networks, they had to cut down the days on their two flagship shows X-Play and Attack of the Show, and as a result of such changes, their biggest star Olivia Munn left to pursue her career in… whatever it is she’s pursuing. We’re not sure. We think it has something to do with movies. Or… being a comedian. In either case, since Olivia’s evident departure, we thought we’d rank the co-hosts vying to replace her from BEST to WORST, and we were brutally honest.

kevin-pereira-and-olivia-munn-on-aots-nov-20-081. Olivia Munn
Sex appeal – 9, Talent – 8.5, Charisma – 9 – Overall – 10
It’s true, Olivia Munn is currently performing a stint of “Aren’t I Tina Fey?” in her horrific stint on “The Daily Show,” but back on AOTS, Olivia Munn was a tour de force of comedy, talent and charms. She was gorgeous, nerdy, goofy, and had comedic timing that most women envy. Sure, we’re greatly annoyed by her constant attempts to convince her dwindling fan base that she’s a star, Olivia Munn has shined on AOTS before, and she’s proven that she’s an almost impossible act to follow. She had wonderful chemistry with Kevin before she phoned it in on her last days on the show, and she’s almost irreplaceable.

2. Carrie Keagan
Sex appeal – 9, Talent – 8, Charisma – 8 – Overall – 9
However, while not perfect, Ms. Carrie Keagan has proven to be an almost remarkable replacement for Munn with charm, charisma, enthusiasm, and a surefire sexiness that’s smoldering. Keagan inspires us to loosen our pants a little bit every time she’s on and she’s well aware of the effect she has on us hot blooded males of America, giving way to some memorable moments on her guest hosting stint including dressing as Power Girl thanks to her gorgeous breasts, relying on her cutesiness to tickle Kevin in all the right places, and even took part in a very memorable segment involving a latex vacuum bed and a dominatrix that turned us on more than we thought. The segment took a turn for the great when we it seemed that if Keagan and the Dom were alone, something really naughty would have happened. Beyond that, Keagan is brutally sexy and very funny, and she’s a natural replacement.

3. Jessica Chobot
Sex appeal – 8.5, Talent – 9, Charisma – 9 – Overall – 9
Chobot has proven to be one of the best fill in hosts of the run after Munn mainly because in spite of her evident pure utter sexuality, she is also a real geek, and one who manages to charm and thrill every time she’s on. In her first week as a fill in she dove head first in to AOTS, and we loved her for it. She even went as far as dressing up in period garb after a memorable technical screw-up prompted AOTS to show a lecture on King Henry instead of AOTS. You had to be there.

4. Michelle Nunes
Sex appeal – 7, Talent – 8, Charisma – 7.5 – Overall – 8
In spite of the fact that up until her guest stint on AOTS, she didn’t have a Twitter or didn’t tweet at all, Nunes is without a doubt one of the hotter guest hosts they have had on the show appealing to the male horndog demographic more than the nerd demographic and it surely worked. The entire part of her guest hosting was based on the mispronunciation of her last name by everyone but her, but nevertheless, Nunes is a wonderful co-host with wit, sharp retorts, and a killer smile.

5. Candace Bailey
Sex appeal – 7, Talent – 7.5, Charisma – 7 – Overall – 8
True, Bailey lacks in the raw sexual allure as most of the guest hosts here but she is nonetheless absolutely adorable and cute as a button on a baby doll, and we love her for that. Aside from being goofy, and willing to poke fun at herself and bounce insults off of Kevin, she is not above taking part in segments and voicing her own opinions for things she doesn’t care about. We also adore her mainly for her stint on Nickelodeon’s TRL wannabe U Pick Live, where she was just lovely and won the hearts of many young boys, and she’s carried that on to G4 where she is charming and absolutely cute. She brings something new to the table and we’d love to have a drink with her.

6. Tiffany Smith
Sex appeal – 7, Talent – 8, Charisma – 7 – Overall – 7.5
In spite of her best efforts, Smith couldn’t quite pull off the charms and chemistry with Kevin that we’ve seen with everyone else, but we like her anyway based on her ability to be silly and offer up something funny for her stint on the show while she was there. She took part in some segments and really, how often do we see minority guest hosts on G4 anymore? Have they ever enlisted an African American or Hispanic co-host for Attack of the Show or X-Play? No… I doubt it. Smith is decent.

7. Nicole Daboub
Sex Appeal – 7, Talent – 7, Charisma – 7 – Overall – 7
Okay, we’ll forgive the fact that most of her comedy and riffing is reliant on the fact that her last name sounds a lot like The Boob, but beyond that, Daboub is a very entertaining and goofy co-host and one who offered up some decent giggles and geek cred, in spite of being relatively forgettable on her time on AOTS. She’s yet to come back but we’re willing to give her another chance.

8. Morgan Webb
Sex appeal – 8, Talent – 7, Charisma – 6 – Overall – 6.5
Tiny Morgan. Repeat: Tiny Morgan. This is a constant running gag on her guest hosting segments on the show that involves a tiny version of herself doing things only a tiny person would do. And they will not stop this segment in spite of it being so bad not even MAD TV would have aired it. It’s SNL ’02 bad, it’s “Police Academy: The Series” bad. Sure Morgan has been around for years, and she needs the work now that X-Play is just about canceled, but the woman has little chemistry, and can’t seem to channel the comedy chops she had in the early days of G4 with Adam Sessler.

9. Sara Jean Underwood
Sex appeal – 9, Talent – 5, Charisma – 4.5 – Overall – 6
Yes, we know Underwood is a Playboy Playmate and in small doses, she is more cute than funny. Her remotes have proven to be entertaining as she’s dived in to the man’s world, but whenever she is on Attack of the Show, look out and cover your noses, she stinks. Aside from being shockingly afraid to touch or make contact with Kevin Pereira, she never takes part in segments, she has no sense of humor, and she is quite shrill to the point where she inspires us to cover our ears. We’d still like a peek under the counter top, though.

Alison_Haislip_boob_touch10. Alison Haislip
Sex appeal – 4, Talent – 2, Charisma – 4 – Overall – 3
Alison is a lot like that cute girl at the party you walk up to. After two minutes you’re wondering if you should introduce her to your mom. After ten minutes, you’re wondering if she’s ever going to stop talking. After twenty minutes you’re wondering if there’s anyone but her who finds her funny. And after an hour you’re looking for the exit and a quick way to end the conversation.  Definitely she’s gorgeous and seems fun, but often tries way too hard and it can be utterly grating. Beyond that Haislip can never seem to decide on a hair style, or make up palette. When she’s not giggling like a goof ball or completely destroying a comedy segment under the weight of her absolute abysmal comedic abilities, she’s a pretty useless element of the show beyond her charming interviews. Like Sara Jean she’s good in small doses, and nothing else.