Curiosity (2009)

EmWhile initially I feared the ending would be a fake out or a “Gotcha!” I was very pleased to find that Toby Spanton’s horror thriller short is really just a straight forward horror film with a take on the “Curiosity killed the cat” adage that means more than anything to two young folks living in a flat. Golden Globe winning actress Emily Blunt stars with Tom Riley as a young couple catching up with their elderly neighbor gossiping about the rash of disappearances around the neighborhood and she insists they must meet her nephew.

That night they awake to the horrific sounds of scratching dirt and husband Mike is terrified to see a ghoulish man dragging a sack in to a dirt plot in their neighbor’s backyard. Soon as the investigation unfolds, a fight for life and death begins as Mike does battle with the psycho, struggling to get back to his apartment and unveil this murder mystery while wife Emma looks on in terror hoping to get the police before someone is killed. Filled with boiling tension and brilliant suspense, “Curiosity” is a classic horror film with a beautiful sense of dread and plot elements that are left to the audience to discover for themselves.

Along with very good performances from stars Riley and Blunt, both are typical horror protagonists who find themselves at the wrong place at the wrong and ultimately become victims of their own good deeds. Spanton’s directorial style is excellent and with a sleek sense of isolation and claustrophobia, he turns “Curiosity” in to a bonafide stellar thriller worth the time of anyone looking for a quick fright. Stars Emily Blunt and Tom Riley are show stoppers in what is a quite excellent creepy horror thriller with the classic take on “Curiosity killed the Cat” while also twisting the classic formula of Hitchcock’s “Rear Window.” This is a great little horror film, and I highly recommend it.