Vintage Lesbian Erotica (Uncensored Version) (DVD)

vintagelesbianThe first bit of Erotica I ever reviewed for Cult Epics was “American Nudes,” a three disc compilation of erotica shorts that started in the mid-twenties and the silent era and ended in the late nineties where the production qualities were much better but the sex much more artificial. Never remiss to explore all facets of erotica in its truest forms, Cult Epics has compiled a two hour array of vintage lesbian erotica from the 1930’s to the 1960’s that’s both fascinating in its delving of photography and the lengths of innocence and horseplay among its female cast, and rather arousing if you’re in to the girl on girl fetish.

As a porn buff, an admitted fan of girl on girl, and someone always fascinated with sexuality and fetish, “Vintage Lesbian Erotica” is a tasteful and entertaining gathering of twenty three lesbian pornography shorts (running three to five minutes each) that explains a lot about different cultures and sensibilities. If you see the early shorts, you can tell these films are being made in secret as the photography is often dark and the locales very deserted, while the sixties are much more comprised of social scenery and better lighting that makes it less seedy and much more mainstream. The company allows its consumer to contrast much of what occurs here. For example the earliest shorts are steeped in lesbian erotica but are centered around horseplay and light petting, not to mention masturbation.

The girls laugh, and wrestle and manually stimulate one another, but when we get to the sixties, there’s much more penetration and lustful gazes that obviously reflect the growing need from pornographers for material that’s much more intense and involving. Where as the early part of the erotica is about dabbling in taboo experiences, the latter portion is about indulging in this orgasmic display of girl on girl sex and eroticism, that’s fascinating for anyone who appreciates the art of erotica in any form. The gallery begins on an unusual note with a short that’s very grainy, black and white, and skips quite often, but engages us in a typical scenario in which young naked women are given some tobacco and engage in heavy petting and groping for a good portion of the short.

Much of the early shorts revolve around breaking conservative ideals and relinquishing all inhibitions, as is made apparent in one short in which a young girl stimulates herself to be interrupted by an older woman in binding clothing who drops her clothes at the drop of a hat to engage in some exploration with the girl. And of course there are the classic devices of a naughty maid, a sexy mistress, and the like, all of whom show how long these fascinations have been included in the pornography medium. Most of the films here possess zero penetration or rough sex, but instead are more about keeping us interested with raunchy horseplay and simulated missionary as one girl looks on fingering herself to an orgasm. Take in to context the period in which these films were released, and they’re still rather volatile.

This was a time where people were being arrested for even purchasing such material, so in its context “Vintage Lesbian Erotica” is a dazzling collection with untouched short films that will spark considerable conversation among those who appreciate such a format. Cult Epics releases another fine gallery of sharp and entertaining erotica that’s better suited for the porn buffs and historians interested in studying the art of sensuality, and how much it’s changed over the decades in terms of the female entity and the growing acceptance of lesbianism. There’s some genuinely arousing material here to be had, sure, but that’s not the purpose. If you’re looking for straight up hardcore pornography, you’d be better off visiting the thousands of online sites offering up such material, this one is for those who appreciate sexuality beyond Vivid and Penthouse.