Star Wars Clone Wars (Season 1, Volume 1): A Galaxy Divided (DVD)

Sure its film counterpart got a lot of bad reviews at the movie theaters, but guess what kids. “The Clone Wars” does not suck. In fact as a series is a damn good dramatic science fiction opera that works its way through arcs instead of providing self contained stories, which kids shows usually consist of. “A Galaxy Divided” consists of four episodes of “The Clone Wars” and starts off strong. “Ambush” is a fine beginner to an already strong premise and probably the best of the foursome as Master Yoda takes to aggressive negotiations that bring him and three clone soldiers to the mercy of an endless army of robot drones and the empire’s worst warrior: Asaj Ventress.

What makes “The Clone Wars” such an enriching experience is that it works hard to leave behind the animated movie while simultaneously patching up all the plot holes we saw in the prequels and as an epic series with self contained story arcs, it’s a success. “A Galaxy Divided” is graced with excellent voice work and just as excellent animation that begins as a bit of an adjustment but eventually wins you over. I never thought anyone but Frank Oz could voice Yoda, but then Tom Kane proved me wrong. Sure it’s not a perfect show, but the first four episodes that form an arc also prove that the show has definite punch and is worth sticking around for.

I have grown to love the series and all it offers in the way of edgy children’s entertainment that borders on violence without ever actually shedding blood on the screen. For a first arc this is self contained children’s entertainment at its best and it’s a worthy DVD purchase. I just wish we’d been given some extras in the way of development diaries or at least footage of the lovely Ashley Eckstein voicing Ahsoka. The DVD is sorely lacking in extras and information on the development of the series, but thankfully the series itself is very good with top notch voice acting, great animation, and a knack for storytelling that carries from episode to episode.