Batbabe: The Dark Nightie (2009)

batbabe1Probably one of the funniest pornos I’ve ever seen, “Batbabe” is that extra shot of ridiculous in a world of pornography is already high in the scent. This is a world where titles like “Night of the Giving Head” is a hit. “Batbabe” is a hilarious take on “The Dark Knight” effectively titled “Batbabe: The Dark Nightie” a movie starring the gorgeous Darian Caine as the title character who is forced to battle the evil Jerker, a man determined to steal all the porn in Bacchum and spread his evil spunk on the people of Bacchum.

Seduction Cinema has every opportunity to make this a hardcore affair but the focal point is mainly on the fact that this is a direct spoof of the Christopher Nolan movie while the sex is mainly simulated and kept to our imaginations. Women gyrate on men and there are simply no money shots to be had in its ninety minute run time. Don’t be fooled by the premise, there’s nothing hardcore about Seduction Cinema’s production and there’s not a lot to get your rocks off to considering it’s some of the softest porn I’ve seen in a while. For a villain named the Jerker it will be perplexing that there’s not one shot of his actual penis. And it becomes quite confusing when writer Bacchus loses all grasp of his premise and just rambles on with new sub plots and flat inside jokes that go nowhere. Clearly this is a man who couldn’t competently fill ninety minutes.

But then again in spite of the downfalls, “Batbabe” is pretty damn entertaining as it attempts to paint downtown New York as this dark underbelly while Batbabe works with Henrietta Bent the DA who flips a coin that decides her sexual partners. Molly Heartbreaker is a scene stealer as the sexy official who loves the women as much as her job. What carries this though is the barely coherent performance from Darian Caine a woman who is quite sexy and can hardly finish a scene at the same time. Bacchus’s screenplay is filled with cringe inducing dialogue that will inspire some simultaneous chuckles and groans from the audience. All in all an experience with Seduction Cinema I won’t soon forget. While a mixed experience that drifts from the central plot halfway in, “Batbabe” is a funny and entertaining spoof with gorgeous women and some clever gags that will make you chuckle and appreciate “The Dark Knight” even more.