Metal Man (2008)

metalmanThe very fact that the producers and creators behind “Metal Man” made this film boggles my mind and leaves me stumped. Why they didn’t seek out the folks behind this “Iron Man” rip off is a missed opportunity to inform these companies to vie for original productions and not knock offs. I will give this to them, the people behind “Metal Man” are not the Asylum film studios. This messy amateur production relies on a metal suited hero named Metal Man whose color scheme is a red and yellowed armor that enables super abilities whenever he’s fighting crime.

Though I can’t put too much punishment on the creative minds behind this mess because while it’s similar to the Marvel hero it does possess some of its own original elements that add to the train wreck mélange of bad acting and directing while always resembling a spin off of “Power Rangers” in the process. I can’t be too hard on it though since most of the movie looks to be directed by a small crew of film students who never really know how to stage competent character interactions (Star Samuel Nathan Hoffmire is particularly cringe inducing).

This of course drips on to the action scenery which is based around our main character sluggishly battling generic super villains with a super suit of armor that was constructed around our hero’s knowledge of video games. Honest to goodness video games. The costume itself is almost exactly identical to Iron Man suitable for a Bollywood rip off they’ve come to be infamous for. There’s even the same color scheme with the suit similarities twisted enough to avoid a Cease and Desist. Our hero Kyle is a mixture of the genius of Tony Stark with the charming nerdiness of Peter Parker (ahem–Spider-man to the layman’s).

“Metal Man” is all fairly predictable and hokey superhero fare. From tragedy (Kyle’s science professor) breeds heroism (Kyle’s super suit) and takes on the evil industrialist and his ninja henchmen to rule the day. It’s just this type of tripe that makes movies so much more interesting. And many cult fans will enjoy the soulful performance by Reggie Bannister.  This is just more of a small company looking to mark on the success of an already established property and while calling it a piece of trash is too easy, I’ll take the high road and just forget it ever happened.