The Greatest Fan Film of All Time (2008)

gffoatJacob Drake is probably one of my favorite independent animators, because while the character models tend to be crude at times, there’s a certain dynamic charm they obtain to where the art slowly evolves in to outstanding models of figures and men that only add to the silliness and inherent great sense of humor engrained in the movie that is “The Greatest Fan Film of All Time.” For a sequel and a fan film the folks now working outside the defunct Bullcrank studios, “The Greatest Fan Film” makes good in its word of being a funny but epic finisher for a small group of independent filmmakers now seeking their own niche in entertainment.

At almost an hour in length Larry and Aaron Longstreth pose nothing but a sheer accomplishment with inside jokes that are absolutely hilarious. In the mean time there’s also a very epic fantasy tale where all the heroes on Earth from Power Rangers to Ninja Turtles have gathered to pay homage to Stan Lee. But the Joker and other villains plan to break the festivies with the introduction of the Joker who is working at putting a stop once and for all with Batman and Nightwing. The plan is slightly convoluted but works slowly toward a crescendo that is just giving us what we want: A shit load of superheroes beating the ass out of the villains and the Scarecrow’s hallucinating gas. One of the aspects that certainly won me over is that Superman gets to play the ultimate defiance to the unholy trinity while working toward the greater good of sacrificing himself to ensure a world of superheroes.

I have anticipated this short film for almost two years now and there’s not a moment where I regretted bugging the crap out of the Longstreth brothers, because they have the chops. They have enough balls to make fun of blind people while also serving up some great nods to the fans who should turn out to see this ultimate fanboy rumble. The voice work is fantastic as always as Longstreth manages to gather some rather talented voice actors and direct them to perfectly mimick most of the characters on the screen. The brothers and Drake literally don’t miss a thing providing some of the cliches we’ve all grown to know and love while he airs some grievences with Catwoman bitching about being portrayed by Halle Berry to why the Daredevil is even able to know he’s wearing a red outfit in the first place.

Every nook and cranny is given such twists of sharp dark humor and yes Batman is still a whiny bitch who isn’t very useful around his contemporaries. This is the sequel I wanted for one of the funniest short films I’ve ever seen. Kudos to all involved. A few years of promises have not gone to waste as the Longstreth boys teamed with the skill of Jacob Drake ushering one of the best fan films I have ever seen. Is it the greatest of all time? Nah, but it is definitely one of the highlights of 2008 as a much anticipated indie short deserving accolades and pats on the backs. I rather enjoyed it and was satisfied to see every hero interacting like normal people. Somehow it just works better with the Longstreth brothers behind the wheel.