Garto (2007)

Garto_1Worthy of Pixar, Luis Gomez Guzman’s film “Garto” is such a wonderful bit of simplistic conflict, and minute adventure that it’s hard not to love it thoroughly. “Garto” is a mostly silent short computer animated comedy revolving around a green lizard named Garto who is so bored, he decides riding on the back of a passing oversized Bee will be fun. The problem is that the bee is not letting him grab a ride, and Garto will not relent in his mission for some fun.

Guzman’s knack for visual style is fantastic with set pieces that act as bridges of fantasy and realism with some landscapes that are exaggerated for the sake of comedy, but once Garto lands into the river, it’s where Guzman shines with amazing talent presenting the underwater world with glimmer and brilliance that hasn’t been seen since “Finding Nemo.”  The character of Garto is the typical clown of nature who takes it upon himself to get into a load of trouble for bothering a passerby who feels above him due to his ability to fly.

The bee is a funny foil who encounters the determined Lizard and takes a bit of enjoyment out of his fumbles. From launching off of a water, to a near drown, the two become instant partners in the fight for survival when Garto is about to take a plunge into the water but uses the bee, but soon the bee will have to rely on Garto. The four minute spectacle is drawn to an adorable close, as the two acknowledge us and give way to the chase yet again.

Garto is absolutely cute with wide curious eyes and soft features while the Bee really just adds to his curiosities by outright refusing to submit to his pursuit. Not only is it a pure thrill for the eyes, but great storytelling pure and simple. Aesthetically brilliant, delightfully simplistic, and gracefully short, “Garto” is a wonderful little animated adventure with genuinely adorable characters, and some rather incredible animation. Give it a chance, it’s great. Honest.