Marvel Zombies: The Movie Trailer (2007)

MZDirectors Scotty Fiels and Jim Ojala are asking for litigation for their fan film, and you know what? I’d gladly testify and plead for their mercy in the court room, because not only are these two wack jobs balls enough to approach an ambitious concept as Marvel Zombies, but they do it so damn well, it’s shocking. “Marvel Zombies” is a wonderful series in the Marvel Universe that involves an unknown germ that arrives in space via the superhero The Sentry, who turns into a zombie and infects every single superhero in the Marvel Universe in the process. So, obviously outmatched, humanity falls under the wave of super powered invincible flesh eating zombies who bring Earth to its knees eating everything in their sights.

A hefty satire of the Marvel Universe while also managing to be genuinely morbid, “Marvel Zombies” is a banner “What If?” tale. Fields and Ojala manage to capture that same essence in their two minute short film that basically brings the walls down for casual fans as Mary Jane stumbles upon Spider-Man who reveals himself to be a decrepit rotting zombie and proceeds to eat her innards. But, he’s then interrupted by the Incredible Hulk, also a zombie, and anxious for some flesh himself. That’s pretty much the gist of the entire film, as the duo mostly intend for it to be a trailer that tries to peak our interest, and it surely succeeds.

The make up effects from the pair, make up effects artists themselves, is fantastic and it’s hard to believe they could capture the zombie forms of these superheroes in the live action format so well. They keep Spider-Man’s form so gruesome, and make the inevitable appearance of the Hulk an oddly shocking sight. As for the end of the credits, wait around and you’ll see something most unusual and bad-ass, to say the least. The pair capture the spirit and entertainment value behind the “Marvel Zombies” series without fault, and I hope Marvel takes notice and approaches a film as epic as the books themselves. The team of Fields and Ojala compose an interesting trailer formula adding suspense, ambiguity, and thrills in a single two minute time frame, and provide one of the newest and best fan films to come around in a while.