Horror Business (2005)

HorrorBusinessI love horror movies. I love them so much that it hurts me. I love them so much I feel an ache in the pit of my stomach whenever I just think about coming upon a brand new horror film waiting to be watched. And Garetano loves them, too. But he also has a cynical sense of humor about making horror films. Being a film critic for almost ten years now has educated me. Every film I’ve been sent from aspiring filmmakers who make a horror film and fail to entertain, I hold a deep sense of sympathy for them. Because making films and making horror films aren’t easy. “Horror Business” is a great horror movie documentary about making horror movies.

And it’s about how making horror movies can suck the life out of you. Garetano spotlights some of the most relentless independent horror filmmakers, including the director of one of my personal favorites, “Zombie Honeymoon.” What Garetano conveys is that horror filmmaking, while being essentially filmmaking, is a completely different art form. It’s difficult to scare people, and be a unique voice in the genre, and Garetano explores the feelings and frustrations of these filmmakers as they try to make a film that they believe will be great. And these men have a lot of insight to shed for the audience, as they discuss their thoughts on why we love horror films, and why horror films are so popular these days.

Filmmaking, like writing, is a way of life for these individuals who seek to release all aggression and express themselves, and it’s easy to connect to their desires to want to be seen and heard. And even appreciated. Hell, Garetano even touches upon these filmmakers basic frustrations that horror fans have been singing for years. Why remake a movie when you have thousands of great filmmakers waiting to express their own unique voice? Remakes are for money purposes, and the directors here talk of their inability to be pleased by anything new in the modern film era. The feeling is well expressed among many horror fans these days.

The best way to gain a perspective of film, talk to the actual struggling filmmakers and Garetano really shows how many people will die for their love of horror films, and filmmaking. Film, like any artistic medium can ruin its creator, and “Horror Business” explores that statement perfectly. Garetano really exemplifies the filmmaker’s struggles in film, and creates what is one of the best horror documentaries I’ve ever seen. You can’t receive proper insight about filmmaking unless you talk to actual struggling filmmakers, and Garetano gets it right; “Horror Business” is a film you have to see if you’re a horror buff, or someone thinking about making a serious horror movie.