Flock of Dodos: The Evolution-Intelligent Design Circus (2006)

5316As an atheist and proponent of evolution, it really chaps my hide that a ludicrous fictional tale such as Intelligent Design would be created, and attempt to be accepted. What intelligent design is by sheer proof is the cowardice of Creationists. It’s a “theory” that was built to seem like science when really all it is, is creationism with a few pretty science terms thrown in for respectability. And what’s humorous is that creationists who shun science and evolution would invent a “theory” that reverts to science immediately. It all comes back to science.

As you can tell, my stance lies with the basic fact that evolution is the origin of our species. Books, research, classes, and proof have all been uncovered to basically prove that evolution is what occurred, while creationism only really has the bible and nothing else. So Intelligent Design was thought up by a group of spinsters attempting to market on this fact and pretend their creationist theory is really a semi-science, unaware of the irony that they’re retreating to the very thing they dismiss. As you might be gathering, “Flock of Dodos” is a documentary that I found to be very funny, yet often infuriated me. And it’s not because director Olson spoofs both sides of what is basically an irrelevant issue in the grand scheme of the world, but that people or sheeple, are so willing to buy into a theory that has almost zero evidence.

Look at the Grand Canyon, Noah’s Ark must have created that! Of Course! Of course not, you brainless lemmings. Director Randy Olson really doesn’t need tricky editing to make Intelligent Design proponents look idiotic. They really do that themselves, through the interviews. If we’re perfectly designed then what of people with heart problems, psychological problems, Diabetes and many other diseases? Would using medication to cure these problems be defying the intelligent designer? Intelligent Design is basically just religion behind a veil, and it proves that religion is the wrench in the cogs of our intelligence. However, Olson makes a great point. Should we hate each other just because we share different views?

Not at all, I say. “Flock of Dodos,” though, does indeed add much more relevance to evolution than it already has, and the interviews and material used and brought to debate are too cumbersome to discuss in one review. “Flock of Dodos” is an immaculate document of solid proof that evolution is fact, and religion has no place in public education. “Flock of Dodos” is a hilarious and well done documentary, but only solidifies the proof that Evolution is fact, and Intelligent Design is a crock of shit; otherwise, Randy Olson objectively observes both sides of the issue, and isn’t afraid to show that evolution is pure fact in spite of his fairness.