The Dark Ages

It’s hard to look at “The Dark Ages” without noting the sheer sense of irony engrained within the documentary. It was a time of sheer ignorance and disease, a time where the poor were drawn into war, where wars of faith were fought for years, while tyrannical rulers fought wars based on their faith. It was a time of great violence and poverty… and that’s just been in the last seven years. I had to take that joke, because it’s just too true to deny. “The Dark Ages” is a fascinating documentary chronicling the dark ages. It was a time where slaves revolted against their masters, and the Roman Empire fell to the grasp of warriors who began to dominate the land with bloodshed.

An exciting tale, “The Dark Ages” explores Christian anarchy, and its rather brutal strangle hold on the civilization sometimes forcing conversion on many of the Pagan worshippers within the seams of the country. From the early emperor who used Christianity as a form of domination, to the massive plague that swept across the land like a wildfire, there’s plenty of entertaining facts to discover within the two hour run time of the downfall of one of the largest empires in history, and its inevitable de-evolution thanks to a new dominant society.

Premiering on The History Channel March 4th