Tomb Hackers (2003)

tombhackersDirector Anthony Thurman’s film “Tomb Hackers” is a fun short animated film about the misadventures of two explorers who find themselves getting deeper and deeper in trouble as they venture in search of a fortune. The gags in Thurman’s film are mostly hit and miss with some gags that don’t really hit the mark, but when the gags hit they’re very funny.

The two characters Jack and Rob are funny opposites who argue and bicker with one another, and make Thurman’s “Tomb Hackers” all a part of the charm. Thurman’s short film has potential to be a much bigger and funnier adventure with a bigger budget, because he obviously sets up a plot bigger than what’s intended here. We do, however, get a glimpse at these two very funny characters who are nearly burned alive, barely make it out a dark tunnel, and have to fight off a computer virus that can manifest itself into a physical being.

The dialogue and one-liners end up being pretty funny, from the “I’m Not Scared” chant, to the odd weakness the virus monster has when confronting our two explorers. With much more extrapolation, “Tomb Hackers” can be a fun animated film, but as a short installment, it’s still a lot of fun. With tight animation, and a pretty simplistic plot, “Tomb Hackers” is a funny and fun adventure short with clever gags, and funny one-liners that work more often than not.