The Depression of Detective Downs (2005)

detectivedownsDepression is no laughing matter. It can make you feel sick, ruin your day, put a big stall in your daily activities and worst of all ruin your train of thought. For Detective Downs, his worst enemy is not the kidnapper who just took a small child, or a job that is paying him very little, but a huge amount of depression that’s ruining how he thinks on the case. This is the most important case of his career, and this depression is ruining his chances in solving it.

“The Depression of Detective Downs” is a very well written and interesting compact neo-noir drama about a man who has to get past his depression to help this little girl. Meanwhile as he struggles to hide it from his superior he also has to convince himself that he’s not headed on a dead end in his life. Thurman’s animated thriller is very well done with simplistic and interesting animation, and a storyline that’s short enough to fit in enough character emphasis to help us get interested in our main character, yet not feel as if its been rushed.

The journey to save this little girl is a surprisingly interesting one as he goes from locale to locale to investigate, copes with his girlfriend’s new change in life, and eventually stumbles upon the kidnapper. Thurman’s film is very well put together, and in the end you’ll find that you could have done with ten more minutes of this character. I only wish there could have been more, because Thurman’s story of a detective working on the most important case of his career while battling a deep depression, is a very interesting and entertaining bit of neo-noir.