Not Until You Dance (2005)

nuydBeing a best man is hard enough, but having to subdue to the duties required of you be they tedious or ridiculous is the part of the job that really makes it an unappealing aspect. Bored by his best friends wedding, a young dog is told he can’t leave the wedding until he can dance.

To him it’s a surefire demand of his duties, but to the men challenging him its slight anger that he was chosen for best man, and not his brother. So, doubting him and egging him on, the dog decides that he has to own up to the challenge, and really, in a style reminiscent of “Napoleon Dynamite”, shows them that he can indeed dance, and in the words of Young MC, he doesn’t just stand there, he busts a move.

Thurman’s animated short has some very good animation and the simplistic style makes for a more comedic effect, especially when our best man shows off his moves, and leaves his challengers stunned with the last line “Did we just get served?” that pretty much sums up the irony. The best lessons learned is a lesson you learn yourself, and for the two dogs here, they learn never to take on the best man, and never mock someone for doing something you’ve never seen them do. They may surprise you. Thurman’s film is short, to the point, and it’s funny.