True Caribbean Pirates

To ring in, or market off of, the arrival of the surefire moneymaker “Pirates of the Caribbean”, the History Channel’s newest documovie explores the legends and origins of pirates. Pirates of the Caribbean (as the narrator so sneakily includes) have been around since the 1700’s, and they’ve been a staple of pop culture and the world ever since. Pirates truly are no laughing matter being described as vicious killer and rapists whom roam along the open seas where law is not in power, and proceed in snatching up hapless victims.

“Pirates” chronicles much of the pirate timelines from the formation of invasions, Henry Morgan, and Ann Bonny lifting and scrutinizing the clichés and stereotypes we’ve all become familiar with through time with Robert Louis Stevenson’s help. “True Caribbean Pirates” is not only just a history lesson, but also a fun semi-film following the groups of pirates through time and how they commuted and co-existed.

Also, there’s featured one large chapter on the most famous pirate of all time: Black beard, and his rule. Explored are his many methods of intimidation over enemies, his rule over his crew and the seas, and their inevitable rebellion against their country. “True Caribbean Pirates” is a fun journey into the world of pirates and their practices.

Premieres July 9th at 8pm on the History Channel.