Big Boobs, Blonde Babes, Bad Blood (2006)

bbbbbbI was admittedly surprised with “Big Boobs…” because judging by the description I expected a glimpse in to making underground films, but surprisingly enough Alter Ego flaunts its most prominent director Shane Ryan with a compilation of his experimental and horror films. The films by Ryan featured are a mixed bag of weird, ridiculous, and very appealing. So, in turn I did get what I wanted, because the film enthusiastically boasts all of Ryan’s short films, while featuring making-of featurettes that many times last longer than the actual film. In one instance one of Ryan’s ten minute films is followed up by a twenty five minute making. It’s insane, but oddly watchable. “Big Boobs…” is never ashamed to admit it’s cheap and self-congratulatory, which adds to the fun experience of watching these films.

Ryan introduces much of the features along with Danielle Morgan, the co-director, and occasionally Ryan’s brother Jeremy. For a semi-documentary, it sure is a lot of fun to watch with a great loose vibe very much in the vein of Troma. And that’s a good thing. That’s the first time I’ve used the word Troma in the context of a compliment. Ever. Plus one of the highlights of “Big Boobs…” is a really cheap gimmick that the directors flaunt. And it works. Very well. I dare you not to like a film that has a fully clothed (really hot) Rebecca Elizabeth Stevens taking off one article of clothing upon every introduction of a film. And once Vanessa Ross interrupts to co-host, things get much more interesting. Ryan knows how to keep my attention, I’ll say that. I’m a guy, cut me some slack.

Surprisingly, the scenes with Rebecca and Vanessa are hilarious (Their funny argument on whether a film is named “The Cold Heat” or “The Hot Cold” ends in: “Dumb bitch, I was right!”) as they introduce the remainder of the films in the second half and bicker. Most of the arguments almost lead to fist fights, and the comedic chemistry is entertaining. But, believe it or not, beyond the hot girls flashing the goods, there were very good short films here. My favorite of which was “So we Killed Our Parents” to which Ryan wisely sheds some insight concerning its release, making, and reaction.

I liked “So we Killed Our Parents”, which Ryan explains put him into a lot of hot water in his home town in spite of the fact the gory “Freddy Vs. Jason” barely caused a stir. It’s a real statement on the power of underground filmmaking. Ryan’s talents are evident, and the ability of the crew to conceal the low budget qualities with entertainment is admirable. “Big Boobs…” is a cheap exploitative bit of gimmicky filmmaking, and I had a hell of a time. I enjoyed “Big Boobs…” mainly because of its hostesses, but there are actually great films featured in a compilation of experimental, horror, drama, and montages that amount to one entertaining bit of filmmaking. Don’t like the films by Ryan? Well, why not watch and see which article of clothing Stevens will take off next? What a great film.