"Mean Girls" Soundtrack (Digital)

Though I’ve yet to see the hit film “Mean Girls” I was fortunate enough to listen to the soundtrack. While my ventures into the soundtrack genre as of late has been lackluster, I was rather optimistic upon viewing the track list. Simply: I enjoyed this because it was a lot of fun. Obviously, aimed mostly at young girls ages 13-18 (parents break out your wallets!), this fluffy soundtrack to the critically acclaimed hit film “Mean Girls” will surely leave you with a cavity with the inoffensive songs, and catchy pop anthems sung by predominantly female recording artists.

I was never one for female empowerment songs and such, but I wasn’t disappointed with this, and I was never bored. Parents who are a little if-fy about taking their daughters to see the film needn’t worry about the inoffensive and charming soundtrack. This tie-in to the film has a mixed grab bag of tunes that any person will enjoy, but while it may be enjoyable, has a few bumps on the way.

Particularly, the opening tune “Beautiful” performed comically by Daniel Franzese which is interesting, but is blatantly filler and is drastically awkward and set apart from the rest of the tracks. Anyone who hasn’t seen the film yet will without a doubt furrow their brows in confusion to this sore sound bite from the film. Quickly coming to the rescue, is track two, which features a great fluffy pop diddy from the cute Katy Rose who sings “Overdrive”, a risque, but nonetheless catchy pop tune with a rock edge; well fitted for a film of this stature. It’s fast-paced, easy to listen to, inoffensive, and will surely keep the young girls entertained.

“Rip her to shreds” from Boomkat is a passable and stale anthem about fighting your fellow chick, and while catchy is hardly original, but it’s a good war song for any rivals. “Built This Way” however, sung by Samantha Ronson is a sad song about hating yourself and appreciating yourself all at the same time, a much appreciated gloomy song in a range of catchy upbeat numbers. Along the range of throwaway songs are “Operate” from Peaches, yet another awkward sound bite from the film “The Mathlete Rap” which might be funny on film but is just plain annoying on the soundtrack, then things pick up with the classic rock tune “One way or another” another of the war songs for the film; being a classic rock buff, this was a welcomed treat from a heavyweight in a disc of lightweights.

The crude “Hated” is a song about a girl bad-mouthing another with lyrics like “You disgust me” and many to that effect which was just unnecessary and will without a doubt stand out in the listener’s heads. “Misty Canyon” from Anjali is a dreary and mediocre song with a rather annoying monotone theme in the background. Certain tracks will alienate its audiences and keep them confused with tracks taken from the film that only a viewer would recognize which isn’t a smart idea.

People who saw the film will understand, but those who didn’t (including me) will just find it odd. Mostly notably the awful last track “Jingle Bell Rock” which features a scene, I’m assuming, from the movie during a Christmas pageant in which we hear a record playing and a lot of banging which I’ll assume is a fight taking place. Why this arbitrary track is included other than posing as filler is a mystery to me, but alas, it ruined the listening experience, and failed to be clever. It was simply a sign of a shoddy anthology of music. Want to make this a better soundtrack? Cut the movie sound bytes, add three or four more songs, and we’ll talk. This is an inoffensive, fluffy, and entertaining soundtrack, though shoddily put together and short on songs with only ten tracks, three of which being filler, this will make you bob your head, and entertain you, but you’ll wonder in the end if you’ve spent your money wisely.