"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" Soundtrack (CD)

I wasn’t a fan of the newest version of the cult classic horror film, and it wasn’t much of a change of mood when applied to this soundtrack. As always this is a soundtrack which is comprised solely of head banging hard rock, which isn’t a full complaint, but only a mild gripe. I wouldn’t expect Sarah McLachlan or James Taylor on a soundtrack to this film.

All of the tracks are head banging, foot stomping, scream at the top of your lungs heavy tunes which pretty much follow the theme of the movie’s chainsaw motif. But, I was expecting something else, a specific band who is slightly heard in the movie, and plays a role as a theme throughout the film: Lynyrd Skynyrd! I could hear their tune on the radio in the film, and the characters were on their way to their concert, so why didn’t the company that produced this cough up one track from them? Throw us a bone people! How about “Sweet Home Alabama” or “Freebird”?

Oh, well, there’s always their greatest hits album. Anyways, there are some really fresh tunes in this album that follow the guts against the wall theme of the movie. The song “Immortally Insane” from Pantera is a really memorable tune from this album, including “Deliver Me” from Static – X, and “Down in Flames” from Nothingface. The song “Enshrined by Grace” from Morbid Angel gave me one hell of a migraine, but that’s a forgettable track nonetheless. I was rather amused by the titles matching the movie’s themes: Immortally Insane? Deliver Me? Pig? Destroyer of Senses? Down in Flames? Nice touch, fellas. Nice. This is a so-so soundtrack to a so-so remake to a so-so horror classic. So-So, did I like this? Not much, but I had fun matching the titles with the film!