Joe Somebody (2001)

2001_joe_somebody_wallpaperJoe Scheffer is an honest workaday man who loves his daughter. One day while driving to work with his daughter Natalie he gets harshly humiliated by a bigger man in the parking lot. After feeling embarrassed, he decides to prove himself to his daughter and begins taking karate lessons with a washed up action star Chuck Scarett to seek revenge on the bully. But after a while, he begins to wonder if fighting is the best way to solve the problem and if being a man means fighting or just being an honest man to the people that matter in life. Comedies, family comedies especially are very lame if not predictable nowadays, so it was a treat watching an original one like this.

I’m a big fan of Tim Allen and many of his movies and it was a surprise that this would turn out to be a decent movie. I felt bad for him how he’s humiliated in front of his daughter yet he never really fights back. Patrick Warburton is good in his small but rather important role as Mark the bully. The thing I like about Tim Allen is, he rarely ever makes a bad movie. Even his worst movie is still just satisfactory. The best parts of the movie are the exchanges of dialogue between Belushi and Allen as they train for the big fight in the end of the movie.

The scenes are hilarious and I found myself laughing aloud through many of them. I really enjoyed the romantic scenes between Allen and Bowen and most of all, the most enjoyable part of the movie is the realistic ending where we see the big showdown with Allen and Warburton. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by it. All in all, this is a decent movie with a great story and a great moral for all the viewers: Violence isn’t always the answer, and sometimes it’s best to just walk away. It takes a strong person to forgive and forget, and most of all, some things in life aren’t worth fighting for.