Gone Girl (2014)

GoneGirlIt’s great that such a polished film like “Gone Girl” doesn’t opt for a more safe and Hollywood bound climax where we’ve seen a labyrinth of lies unfold in to a new bow. By the time ‘Gone Girl” has ended, director David Fincher has written his characters in to a corner, and they’re not at any point going to squirm out of it. I loved “Gone Girl” mainly because it’s a murder mystery without the kind of surprises you’d expect. Our characters are amoral and unlikable, and director Fincher has a keen sense of cynicism toward marriage and how it can be a fiasco that devolves in to a play.

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Virgins of Sherwood Forest (2000)

0001Don’t you hate it when you hit your head in a fit of rage and end up in Sherwood forrest with a bunch of hot buxom women? In all honesty, I’d love that, but surely enough in Surrender Cinema’s “Virgins of Sherwood Forrest” you can expect it to happen. One of my favorite erotic stars of all time, Gabriella Hall, plays Roberta, a female director for a music video has to tolerate a bunch of obnoxious sex starved actors.
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Married with Children: Seasons Seven and Eight (DVD)

MWC78Season seven and eight of “Married with Children” bring about the unfortunate introduction of Seven. Not the number, but the obnoxious child character that the writers of the series felt they had to force on audiences to improve ratings. Whenever a series hits a low point in ratings, a child is added for some contrived reason, and it’s never more apparent than in “Married with Children.” Despite the appearances by Bobcat Goldthwait and Linda Blair, they play cousins of Peg who leave their bratty son Seven with the Bundys. Of course he’s eventually accepted in to the family, and adopted for adventures with the low class foursome.
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We’re Goners It’s Fine Relax (2014)

weregonersDirector Samuel B. Ruseell’s short dramedy about trying to fight the rising tide of nature is fantastic. Not just because it plays up its low budget with a purposely low tech aesthetic involving miniature props, and blatant green screen but because of its message.

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Gone with the Wind (1939) 75th Anniversary [Blu-ray/Digital]

GWTWDirector David O. Selznick’s civil war drama epic about an upscale socialite is one of the many cinematic masterpieces I’m not very fond of. Visually, it’s a stunning work of art, with sweeping splashes of bold colors that help to establish the power of the love for the South, and character Scarlet O’Hara’s ability to take from her beloved land to rebuild her empire. But underneath the gloss and brilliance of the cinematography, “Gone with the Wind” really doesn’t garner much of a complex narrative beneath its seams, relying on very unlikable and vapid characters that serves their purpose all too well. While they could really complete a story about the inner turmoil of the wealthy in the war torn South, the characters of Scarlett and Rhett really offer nothing interesting to the narrative, and most of the interesting tidbits are handed over to character Mammy.

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Five Great Christine Cavanaugh Performances

1243It’s really heartbreaking to learn that a great talent, and a great person passed away. Before the end of 2014, it was announced that Christine Cavanaugh passed away at 51. She retired from acting many years ago, but was known by many nineties children, and animation buffs as the voice of many interesting and peculiar characters that helped create fond memories for many children around the world.

Here are five of our favorite performances from Ms. Cavanaugh, may she rest in peace.

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Dolls (1987): Collector’s Edition [Blu-Ray]

dollsI’m not sure I understand Charles Band’s obsession with tiny terrors, other than they’re much more cost effective to film. I’m assuming. “Dolls” is a fun precursor to the “Puppet Master” movies that mixes fantasy, comedy, and horror altogether to compose some kind of twisted meta-horror film about a little girl whose daily monsters begin turning in to actual monsters without her realization. Director Stuart Gordon’s horror fantasy moves along at a brisk pacing, making the best out of its miniscule budget, and transforming its house of dolls in to a house of terrors. Continue reading «Dolls (1987): Collector’s Edition [Blu-Ray]»

Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (1995): Collector’s Edition [Blu-Ray]

candyman2While the rights for “Candyman” are currently tied up, Scream Factory instead offers fans up the chance to watch the brutally boring sequel by Bill Condon. “Farewell to the Flesh” features more of the tragic hooked horror character, who is a combination of Freddy Krueger and Beetlejuice. Once a slave who was lynched for having an affair with a white woman, he emerges for vengeance every time someone mutters his name five times in a mirror.

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The Walking Dead Season One Episode Six: TS-19


When I first saw the previews to this episode, I was kind of at a loss. I didn’t know if I was angry or excited, but one thing was for sure: the producers ensured audiences that this series would only take what it needed from the comics and carve its own path. If at any point the show lost a portion of their audience, this episode would be the one that pulled them out.

It’s still a controversial episode, even with the producers jumping back in to the comics in recent episodes. “TS-19” is not a bad episode it’s just not a very necessary one. It’s both a season and series finale that leaves the characters on the road to an uncertain path; just in case AMC didn’t pull in enough ratings to justify a second season, or simply couldn’t afford another season. Continue reading «The Walking Dead Season One Episode Six: TS-19»