The Demolisher (2015) [Fantasia Film Festival]



I really do want to see more from Canadian director Gabriel Carrer, mainly because “The Demolisher” brought back waves of Nicholas Winding Refn and Michael Mann with it. “The Demolisher” is a slow burn and really stellar revenge thriller that picks up after an admittedly sluggish first half hour. “The Demolisher” picks up steam and collides in to an all out assault of blood shed, gore, and violence that help to explore the crumbling of a man’s sanity. Evocative of films like “Ms. 45” and “Death Wish,” Carrer channels the idea of trauma and its lasting effects and how it can toy with one man’s idea of justice for his beloved wife.  Continue reading

Five Great Video Game Movies You Can Watch Instead of “Pixels”


We loved the original short film “Pixels” when we first saw it and were not surprised that its adaptation from Happy Madison is being pulverized by movie critics. It’s been torn to shreds by gamers, critics and Sandler fans across the board, not surprisingly, and while we haven’t seen it, we thought we’d share with you five movies you could watch instead of “Pixels.” If you don’t want to see another Adam Sandler cash grab, feel free to buy/rent any one of these five video game centered movies that pay tribute to video games while entrenching audiences in their universe.

Or go watch the Sandler movie. Who cares? I’m not your father.

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Monty Python: The Meaning of Live (2014) [Fantasia Film Festival]



You really have to appreciate the blunt honesty of the Python crew at their age and why they decided to team together after three decades to tour once again. They needed the money. After a brutal court battle over the creative rights of “The Holy Grail,” they were all left generally low on cash, so they decided to launch a stage show tour of their best bits to garner some quick cash and help seal their debts. There’s no fluff on a documentary that loves the Python crew. They love their fans, they love their work, but they need the money, and I respect the hell out of that.

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Assassination Classroom (2015) [Fantasia Film Festival]



It’s not often such a weird movie manages to win me over, but lo and behold “Assassination Classroom” really did. I doubt I will be back for the sequels unless I have to, but for almost two hours I was thoroughly entertained by such a richly developed and fun action movie. It avoids almost all of he clichés of an action movie, while also diving head first in to them, and sets up a bunch of storylines within its one hundred and ten minute duration. Based on the hit manga of the same name, “Assasssination Classroom” tries to fit in a bunch of threads in its run time and succeeds for the most part. The premise is so daffy and off the wall I could only gaze in sheer disbelief as two screenwriters approached this with sincerity.

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 7: Pretty Much Dead Already


Although fans of the series peg the finale as the best episode of the series, I much prefer “Pretty Much Dead Already.” It’s when the survivors really go for each other’s throats, and the cast’s performances are top notch. Particularly Jon Bernthal who is just a bull dog ready to do whatever it takes to keep himself safe. Hershel’s big secret was a gruesome one in the comics, and here it works to the same effect.

Hershel is convinced the dead are just sick people, and he’s convinced his family of the same idea. And this has pretty much halted their survival, for better and for worse. They’re lucky they’ve been generally untouched by the apocalypse, but living in such denial eventually leads to catastrophe.

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Batman: Season 2 Part Two (DVD)


Part two of the Adam West Batman series is probably my favorite installment so far, as it includes the famed crossover between The Green Hornet and Kato with the Caped Crusader. I always considered Green Hornet to be the superior series, so it’s a blast watching the pair of superheroes team up to stop what is a considerably lame villain. Granted, I would have loved to see them tackle the Joker, but beggars can’t be choosy.

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Batman: Season 2 Part One (DVD)


The alternative to buying the two hundred buck Blu-Ray set is back once again, as Warner releases Batman Season two, Part One on DVD. Same bat time, same bat channel, just with lesser definition. I can definitely tolerate it not being blu-ray quality, and for folks looking for a less expensive alternative to owning the series, Warner is ensuring that they get their money’s worth by releasing every season in two separate parts. The series is about as good as ever, and depends on two factors: Either your nostalgia for the show, or your threshold for camp.

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Tig (2015)


Tig Notaro has led something of a life that would crush anyone weaker than her. She learned she had a disease that would eat her from the inside out if not treated, then her mother died, then she discovered she had breast cancer. Normally this would be the time where someone would lay down and die and moan about how unfair the world is. But Tig Notaro sought comfort in friends and her craft of comedy and prevailed until the very end. Tig Notaro is one tough SOB, a woman who doesn’t ask for pity or sympathy during the documentary “Tig.”

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The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 6: Secrets


This is the episode where it all begins to unfold. For readers of the comics, we already know what was in the barn and why Hershel was so protective of it, but here we finally see what the secrets cost everyone. Glenn is very lucky he didn’t just jump in to the barn preparing for Maggie. Investigating goes a long way in the zombie apocalypse, folks. This opening is much screwier than most episodes of the show as Carl is being his usual petulant self to Lori, while Hershel’s helper Patricia hobbles a bunch of chickens to feed to the walkers in the barn. The show has a penchant for animal cruelty, but it also serves to emphasize the eat or be eaten mentality that the world has become.

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Invisible Centerfolds (2015)


The oh so lovely Christine Nguyen is back in what is essentially a movie with the exact cast as “Sexy Warriors.” Though much more science fiction based, “Invisible Centerfolds” gets its kicks off of the comedy it mines from turning Christine Nguyen invisible. Think of it as the famous movie starring Claude Rains, except rather than a legendary male actor, it’s an obscenely sexy young Asian woman.

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