Zombieworld (2015)

The zombie anthology movie is here and director Jesse Baget undertakes quite a task in delivering ten very diverse and interesting zombie tales set amidst the zombie apocalypse. It’s “V/H/S/” meets “The Zombie Survival Guide” with a dash of “Zombieland” as director Baget doesn’t collect a series of shorts from very talented directors. Instead his anthology is a raucous celebration of all things zombie for horror fans in the mood of an all out orgy of torn limbs, guts, and the undead. “Zombieworld” is set with a darkly comical framework where star Bill Oberst Jr. gives a great performance as the boisterous news reporter Marvin Gloatt. While the world is under siege, Marvin decides to gives audiences a play by play of the end of the world, despite being bitten on the neck by one of the walking dead.

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Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

spiderman_1It’s just been announced that Spider-Man will be involved with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It seems that Sony is not happy with the current state of the franchise and will reboot it yet again in 2017 in a joint movie with Marvel Studios/Disney. Sony will still have the final say creatively, but surely Disney will have a major influence. With this new development, it’s probably a good time to evaluate the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a whole and consider what might happen in years to come.

It’s easy to forget that just a few years ago, Marvel Studios was the underdog; Iron Man was a pretty risky film back in 2008 and even though the post-credits sequence promised the eventual arrival of the Avengers, such a development was still seen mostly as a pipe dream. It really wasn’t until 2011 with the double punch of Thor and Captain America when it started to actually feel like it could happen. Disney’s acquisition of Marvel in 2009 also helped toward making an Avengers world a reality.

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The Phantom Of The Opera (1989) [Blu-ray]

operaThe Robert Englund starring “Phantom of the Opera” is a mix between “Darkman,” the original “Phantom of the Opera,” with a hint of “Nightmare on Elm Street.” Like the aforementioned film, Englund’s character thrives in dreams, and sports a nasty pizza face that is only slightly darker than Krueger. It’s almost as if Krueger was pulled in to our world, and found a way to live among the mortals through various false faces.
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Groundhog Day (1993)

60508-27-420-75I didn’t really get “Groudhog Day” when it first came to video. Surely, it’s not the most impossible dramedy out there, but it’s definitely so much more complex than audiences usually think of it. When it comes to existential drama comedies about self realizations in a fantastic setting, “Groudhog Day” is right up there with films like “Her” and “Eternal Sunshine.”

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Monday Movie Pause: “Hero” Music Video

“Hero” the music video for the film “Boyhood” by the band Family of the Year, our top choice for Best Pic of 2014.

Written and directed by Richard Linklater, Boyhood - now nominated for 6 Academy Awards -  has appeared on more “best of 2014″ lists than any other film released last year.  The award-winning film continues to win best picture awards from numerous film critic circles – including New York, Los Angeles, DC, Boston, Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto and more.  Filmed over short periods from 2002 to 2013 with the same cast – Ethan Hawke, Patricia Arquette, Lorelei Linklater and Ellar Coltrane – Boyhood is the story of growing up as seen through the eyes of a child named Mason (Coltrane). 

Boyhood is now available in theaters, on Digital HD, Cable VOD, Blu-Ray Combo Pack and DVD.

Annabelle (2014) [Blu-Ray/Digital/DVD]

annabelledvdIt seemed like such a sure thing. Take one of the scarier aspects from one of the best horror movies of the decade, and give it its own origin movie. Except, the end results of “Annabelle” are about as boring as its origin. I would rather have seen the original story about the rag doll than this sequel, spin off, or whatever the studios are calling it. I’m not entirely sure what the studios are painting these movies with the Warren ghost hunting duo as some sort of avengers team, but “Annabelle” is a step in the wrong direction with a movie that goes absolutely nowhere.
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Boyhood (2014)

boyhood00001Director Richard Linklater is the kind of filmmaker I admire. He takes risks, and is still willing to experiment in a movie world where very few of his contemporaries are anymore. You can make the argument that “Boyhood” is gimmicky, but I prefer to think of it as ambititious and an absolutely excellent endeavor. Director Linklater followed his cast of four for twelve years, filming them through various stages of adolescnnce in order to completely fulfill his tale of growth and coming of age with a boy who blossoms in to adulthood.

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Gone Girl (2014)

GoneGirlIt’s great that such a polished film like “Gone Girl” doesn’t opt for a more safe and Hollywood bound climax where we’ve seen a labyrinth of lies unfold in to a new bow. By the time ‘Gone Girl” has ended, director David Fincher has written his characters in to a corner, and they’re not at any point going to squirm out of it. I loved “Gone Girl” mainly because it’s a murder mystery without the kind of surprises you’d expect. Our characters are amoral and unlikable, and director Fincher has a keen sense of cynicism toward marriage and how it can be a fiasco that devolves in to a play.

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Virgins of Sherwood Forest (2000)

0001Don’t you hate it when you hit your head in a fit of rage and end up in Sherwood forrest with a bunch of hot buxom women? In all honesty, I’d love that, but surely enough in Surrender Cinema’s “Virgins of Sherwood Forrest” you can expect it to happen. One of my favorite erotic stars of all time, Gabriella Hall, plays Roberta, a female director for a music video has to tolerate a bunch of obnoxious sex starved actors.
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